At-Home Treatments with Persimmon
The At-Home Experience Explained
Why visit a busy med-spa where you need to wait in line, run into your neighbors or other parents, and expose yourself to flu season and other maladies? Instead, relax at home and enjoy the personalized service of a highly trained Persimmon nurse who will provide industry leading treatment and advice in the place you feel most comfortable and safe.

The Persimmon experience begins with our best-in-class Telehealth platform whereby your medical history and treatment options are evaluated by a license physician. Your medical records are stored in our secure HIPAA compliant infrastructure. You select your preferred nurse after reviewing their profile, including pictures, video, and customer reviews.
Book your nurse at a time that is convenient for you, then relax at home as you prepare for your nurses’ arrival. In the interim, our Telehealth doctor will evaluate your chart and issue a treatment plan and prescription for your nurse to follow.
Your nurse will arrive at your door with all medical supplies required and follow our industry leading clinical protocols as she begins her evaluation and treatment procedures.
Your nurse will discuss your treatment goals and consult the doctors’ instructions and medical information you submitted during your booking process. She will also take several pictures of your face and record a short treatment video. All this information will be securely uploaded for storage in our HIPAA compliant medical records system.
Most treatments are complete within 20 – 30 minutes. If there are any additional units used that require payment, the nurse will ask you to confirm the amount and sign your agreement on her mobile device, and your card on file will be charged. There is no need to tip your nurse – all treatments include all fees for products, supplies and your nurses time and expertise.
Within ten days after treatment, Customer Service will follow up with you to ensure your satisfaction and see if any additional services are required. Persimmon nurses really appreciate word-of-mouth referrals to grow their client base. Please remember to leave a review for your nurse, and refer any friends you feel may benefits from her service.