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SmartTox is Xeomin - the only tox with no complexing proteins. Over time, these additives in other tox may cause reduced results. SmartTox's duration is the same as other tox.

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Xeomin's formulation

Specific toxin: incobotulinumtoxinA


Lasts 3-4 months


How much tox is right for me?

Unsure of how much tox you need? Here's a look at some industry standards. Your Persimmon Provider will give you an individualized, custom assessment before your treatment to determine the dosage that's right for your specific goals.

Age range: 21 - 28

Thinking about Baby Botox or preventative tox? Hyper-localized micro-injections are a great way to get started with tox and start your anti-aging journey. Generally, an average of 35 - 45 units are used.

Age range: 28 - 50+

This is the average age range and most popular range for tox. Generally, 50+ units are used on average.

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