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Mission & values

Our vision is empowering medical experts with expanded career opportunities and offering people greater flexibility in their aesthetics care. We’ve revolutionized medical aesthetics treatments by bringing them to your door through our network of expertly-trained Providers. Our goal is delivering remarkable results while preserving your unique individuality and embracing your (super)natural beauty.

We pride ourselves on our core values: Balance, Fun, Integrity, Excellence, and Collaboration, which permeate every aspect of our organization.


We strive to provide our practitioners with a healthy work-life balance, while also ensuring you receive perfectly balanced treatments in the comfort of your home.


We believe that enjoying the process is essential, whether it's a lively botox party or nurse training session.


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our business philosophy.


From our cutting-edge clinical facilities where our nurses are trained to the personalized care you receive, we are committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of our services.


Just as collaboration is vital between you and your Provider, we emphasize teamwork to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our founders

Persimmon was founded in San Francisco by tech industry veterans Mark Hadfield and Matthew Bartlett who continue to lead the company today. Clinical leadership is provided by highly experienced nurses who devise the clinical, training and treatment protocols all nurses are trained on. Our corporate team is based in San Francisco but we are opening regional training centers across every major metro area of the US.

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To contact Customer Service, please use the chat or email: help@persimmon.life

To contact our Corporate Team: info@persimmon.life

Corporate HQ:

Persimmon.life, Inc
100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 115
Larkspur, CA 94939

Public relations inquiries:

J. Wade Public Relations
www.jwadepr.com | @jwadepr

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