Become a partner

Offer industry leading medical aesthetic services to your customers - at your business location - by partnering with Persimmon and inviting one of our highly skilled nurses to your event

Why partner with Persimmon

  • Strengthen customer loyalty - provide a rich new offering for your valuable customers
  • Drive new customer acquisition - create an opportunity for prospective customers to discover your business
  • Get up to 12% revenue - offer events on a regular basis as a new revenue stream

How it works

  • Register your business as a Persimmon Partner
  • Discuss event location, date, and treatment options with a Persimmon Provider
  • Invite your customers to the event
  • Relax and enjoy the event as you socialize with your customers

Register as a partner

Host a treatment event in your corporate space for your customers and earn up to 12% of event revenue

Upcoming partner events

View our list of upcoming events to find one near you