Host an Event
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Step 1

Choose the perfect venue where you will host your Botox Party. For the best at-home Botox experience, your party location needs to comfortably accommodate you and your guests

Step 2

Create a group booking for a unique spa event. Select a date, time, and nurse to reserve your party.

Step 3

Share the link to confirm your guests. Each of your friends can follow the link to fill out their personal information and confirm treatment.

Host a Group Event with Us

Are you ready to throw a fun event for customers at your local salon or gym? Host a Botox party with one of our experienced Aesthetic Nurses. Elevate the experience by offering one of your signature treatments for attendees. Plan your guest list, offer light snacks, and relax while we take care of the rest. Persimmon offers a range of aesthetic treatments, including Botox, Chemical Peels, and Microneedling. Current and new customers will love their new beauty regiment, keeping them coming back every 3-4 months at the next scheduled party.

Why Book a Botox Event?

Business owners want to offer customers as much value as possible. Why send your customer elsewhere to get aesthetic treatments when they can be treated right in your existing location? Your customers will appreciate you for hosting the event, and if you bundle in an additional service that you offer, that makes the invite even more compelling, creates customer loyality, and fun for all.Put out the wine and cheese, then learn more about the latest trends in the beauty industry. We make sure each and every guest has the perfect plan that matches their needs. Your guests can enjoy a range of aesthetic treatments, including Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microneedling, and hair rejuvenation. Persimmon will help you restore your youthful glow in a way that looks natural and refreshed.

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Frequently asked questions

What can I expect to happen at a Botox party?
Do I need to tip the nurse?
Are proper medical procedures followed?
Does Persimmon and the nurse have medical malpractice insurance?
How many guests can attend?
How long does each treatment take?
Do I need to organize the schedule of treatments?
What other treatments can be offered?
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