Chemical Peels
by Persimmon Staff· July 29, 2022
Chemical Peels
Underneath the outer layer of your skin is a smoother, healthier complexion waiting to be uncovered. Chemical peels help strip away the damaged outer layer of skin to reveal brighter, more youthful skin. Facial peels can smooth away wrinkles, treat acne scars, clear breakouts, and more. With regular medical-grade facial treatments, you can improve and maintain your radiant skin.
What is a Chemical Peel?
Chemical peels, also called medical facial peels, deeply exfoliate your skin to stimulate new skin growth and give you regenerated, glowing skin. We use a chemical solution to improve skin tone and texture from the inside out. Peels are usually applied to the face, but you may also benefit from a face and neck treatment that will improve the tone and texture of your face and neck. We recommend chemical peels for sun damage, acne, skin blemishes, scarring, or uneven skin.
Types of Chemical Peels
You can choose from a range of peels depending on your skin concerns. During your initial consultation, we’ll help you choose to best peel for your skincare goals.

  • Light peels, or superficial peels, target the outer layer of your skin. This gentle peel improves skin tone, treats sunspots and discoloration, and minimizes pores and fine lines. Light peels heal within one week.
  • Medium peels go further into the skin, removing damaged skin to reveal more youthful skin below. These peels improve skin tone and texture, decrease acne, reduce scars, and tighten skin. Medium peels take one to two weeks to heal.
  • Deep peels can treat sun damage and target stubborn hyperpigmentation spots. Deep peels penetrate further into the skin to reduce deeper scars and smooth away wrinkles. They take up to three weeks to heal.
How it Works
Medical facial peels are incredibly effective, effortlessly treating a range of skin concerns to help you look and feel better than ever. Understanding the science behind chemical peels will help you make the best treatment decision for your skincare goals.

Your skin experiences a lot of wear and tear from sun exposure, airborne pollutants, sweat, cosmetics, and daily living. Fortunately, new skin cells are constantly replacing old skin cells and regenerating the skin on your face. But over time, new skin cell production slows. Older skin stays on the surface longer, and the new cells remain trapped under the surface. This is where chemical peels come in. By removing the top layer of older, oxidized, and discolored skin, your face can regain a glowing, youthful complexion as new skin cells are revealed. You’ll notice smoother, more uniform skin with improvements in both texture and tone.
Understanding Peel Chemistry
Chemical peels are acid peels that work by breaking the bonds between skin cells. When the connections between cells are dissolved, dead cells on the surface of your skin can lift away. Stronger peels reach deeper into the skin, weakening bonds in lower layers of the skin and allowing older skin cells to peel away. The active ingredients in peels also target deep layers of the epidermis to promote ongoing skin cell growth and boost skin cell production.

We use several chemical peels based on your skin concerns, including the Vitalize Peel and the Rejuvenize Peel:

  • The Vitalize Peel is a self-neutralizing medical facial peel that features a unique blend of lactic acid, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, and resorcinol to accelerate skin exfoliation.
  • The Rejuvenize Peel uses mandelic acid, malic acid, phytic acid, panthenol, resorcinol, and salicylic acid to provide a deep peeling experience.

During your initial consultation, we’ll review your skin concerns and skin goals, then help you choose the type of peel that will give you glowing skin.
What Do Chemical Peels Treat?
Chemical peels address a number of common skin concerns. Facial peels strip away damaged skin, exposing a more radiant complexion. It’s a great way to reduce discoloration or hyperpigmentation, evening your skin tone. Peels also reduce pore size, clear acne or breakouts, and give you softer, smoother skin. Finally, chemical peels can tighten skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and diminish scars.

Each peel offers different benefits and targets unique concerns:

The Vitalize Peel is ideal for hyperpigmentation and discoloration, as well as acne and sun damage. It’s a great option if you’re new to chemical peels and you want an overall resurfacing treatment. The Vitalize Peel will clarify and brighten skin.

The Rejuvenize Peel is a stronger peel that’s perfect for acne scars, wrinkles, rough skin, excessive sun damage, and deep hyperpigmentation spots. You’ll see noticeable improvement after just one treatment, including even texture and a glowing complexion.
You’ll see noticeable results after one peel, and compelling results after a series of peels.
Actual patient photos: The two images on the left show the results after 2 Vitalize Peel treatments. The two images on the right show the results after 1 Rejuvenize Peel treatment.
Who is a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?
Chemical peels are a powerful treatment option that can rejuvenate your face. During your initial consultation, we’ll help you determine if you’re a good candidate for a chemical peel. We’ll examine your skin, assess skin concerns, and ask you a few questions about any allergies you may have.

You may be a good candidate for a medical facial peel if:

  • You are over 18
  • You do not have an active skin infection
  • You do not have any chemical allergies
  • You do not have a history of skin scarring
  • You have a naturally lighter skin complexion
  • You’re a good candidate for a Vitalize Peel if you want to clear pores, improve skin texture and tone, treat mild acne, decrease acne scars, or have mild skin imperfections.
  • You’re a good candidate for a Rejuvenize Peel if you have deeper scars or wrinkles, rough skin texture, or moderate or severe skin imperfections. After a Rejuvenize Peel, you’ll see comprehensive benefits.
What to Expect During Treatment
Your treatment journey starts with a virtual consultation with one of our skilled nurses to discuss your skincare goals and treatment needs. We’ll make sure you’re a great candidate for chemical peels, then create a customized treatment plan.

Chemical peel treatments take approximately 30 minutes, and you’ll need to plan for some downtime after treatment. Your chemical peel appointment will include the following steps:

Your face will be thoroughly cleansed. If you’re receiving a deep peel, your skilled nurse will apply a local anesthetic cream to numb your face. Your personalized chemical solution will be lightly brushed onto your skin. The chemical solution is left on your face for a few minutes, and you may feel some tingling or stinging during this time. The solution is neutralized and washed off your face. Within the first 24 hours, your skin may feel tight and hot, similar to a sunburn. Avoid touching or scratching your face as the peel begins to work.
Chemical Peel Recovery
After treatment, you will experience some stinging and redness on your face. After a day or two, you may notice skin flaking or skin peeling as dead skin cells start to lift away. As your skin heals, avoid wearing cosmetics and do not use any exfoliants on your skin. Instead, focus on moisturizing and hydrating your skin. During recovery, your skin will also be extremely sensitive to sun exposure. It’s absolutely essential to keep your skin protected. Wear a hat when you step outside and apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

Your recovery process depends on the type of peel you received:

Light chemical peels may require 3 to 5 days of moderate downtime. As your skin heals you may notice redness and flaking, similar to a mild sunburn. After a medium chemical peel, you can expect moderate downtime for 5 to 10 days. Redness, irritation, and swelling will be more noticeable, and you may also experience some blistering as deeper layers of your skin lift away. Deep chemical peels are more aggressive, so you can expect moderate downtime for 7 to 14 days as your new skin forms. Chemical Peel Results Chemical peels offer proven results, stripping away the top layer of skin to reduce blemishes, smooth away wrinkles, treat uneven pigmentation, and rebalance skin tone and texture. Medical facial peels also decrease the sign of aging, reduce age spots, and treat light scarring. A chemical peel can leave your face and neck looking radiant and bright.

Chemical peel side effects can include hyperpigmentation or infection. Scarring is a rare side effect. Working with a trained professional is the best way to ensure optimal results and reduce your risk of side effects.
The Persimmon Experience
We offer a range of customized chemical peels that match your skincare goals. We personalize our peels based on your skin type, skin tone, goals, and main concerns. Get ready for brighter, refreshed skin with a personalized treatment.

Persimmon peel experts are skilled healthcare professionals with extensive training and experience delivering chemical peels and other cosmetic treatments. With deep knowledge of skincare needs and treatment options, our nurses offer safe and effective results you’ll love.

When you book your Persimmon appointment, you can choose the day and time that’s most convenient for you, then select a nurse in your area. Your experienced nurse will come to you, arriving at your door with products in hand, ready to give you a fantastic treatment experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the added comfort of at-home treatments with Persimmon.
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